Now imagine yourself walking into a testing room and sitting down at your desk. Begin to breathe, and prepare yourself for the test by repeating your most powerful self-statements. Then choose one of them that you can use during the test to calm any anxiety that may come up. Repeat this statement several times, and when you are ready, begin taking the test.

Imagine yourself feeling calm and confident as you read and answer the questions. Remember that you are equal to the test and that you have the tools to manage your anxiety. Your mind is clear and focused, remembering the material and giving you the information that you need. And always remember to breathe!

Now imagine yourself facing a difficult question or problem. Let your anxiety and phobia disorder surface and practice calming it down. Use your breath and your brief self-statement to do this. You many want to pause for a moment, and stretch to give yourself a short break. Then go back to the test and work through the problem as best you can. Remember that your mind is on your side; let it be creative and smart with the difficult questions. Continue with this visualization until you feel completed. Notice how you feel after finishing the test.

Now slowly begin to come out of the relaxation by taking some long deep breaths and letting yourself yawn and stretch. Imagine what you are going to be doing after this visualization and open your eyes, feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Learning a new skill takes practice and repetition. Just remember these two things: It is possible to develop new beliefs, and you can learn to manage your anxiety while taking tests.

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